TeamGarryMovieThai (TGMT STUDIO) is an entertainment production by create a video publish through Youtube platform with immersive content using the game as a conduit and expand the benefit of it such as ‘Machinima’ genre for movie from games such as Minecraft , Garry’s Mod example.

During the past we have a potential partner Mircrosoft , MSI , Acer , HP and other business companies who joined with us s to announce their product through our video by create a content you can see here down below the description.

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Not only movie from games but we also making a Manga for publisher and production team

OSS , Heromaze … you can click ‘download info’ for more information

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product review

We’ve been making the product review for many clients through Virtual Reality Gaming Content Vlog from ASUS , MSI , SHOPEE , ACER , Ragnarok M and others

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We did the commercial ads for the MSI company to announce their upcoming gaming laptop product.